Tray board

44cm x 18cm x 1.8cm
Código de Barras

Round Teak Tray Board.  Set table refers to an appreciation of behavior at the table for meals and care when arranging items and utensils, with some indications on how to use them. Two things stand out: etiquette and decoration.

The first is nothing more than the ethical notion in everyday relationships, that is, understanding how to behave in social situations.

The second point is more personal, how to create an atmosphere for more than one person, using creativity to create a pleasant space.

All this has created interest in utensils and items that bring a touch of elegance, charm, welcoming and functionality to meals.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a variety of products to make your table set a success.

The model presented also has two handles made in the shape of a heart so that you have a firm grip on the product to serve or hang the piece in style.

Made from reforested teak wood with mineral oil finish.

Product details



The product goes through a sanding process so that no splinters come out, guaranteeing safety in handling and beauty to the piece. Finished in mineral oil.



Teak wood made from reforested wood.



Perfect for use as a cold cuts board and for use at the set table.

Follow the instructions before first use and to maintain product quality:


  • Before the first use, sanitize the piece with cold or lukewarm water and neutral soap with a soft sponge;
  • Do not use carbon steel sponge;
  • Do not use a dishwasher;
  • Do not soak;
  • Dry with a dry cloth;
  • Keep the product in the shade;
  • Wash after use with a soft sponge with mild soap or detergent and lukewarn or cold water;
  • Always store in a ventilated place;
  • Do not store parts stacked while damp.




  • 3 months warranty for manufacturing defects.