Pan Rest

Available colors
18.5cm x 18.5cm x 1.7cm

Stolf pan rest. The traditional wooden "mat" also evolved into wire. A product that will keep your food ready on your table, in addition to not risking burning tables and countertops with hot containers.

Also available in other formats. Product contains 3 support points.

Made from steel with a chrome finish.

Product details



Made of carbon steel.



Chromed finish.

Follow the instructions before first use and to maintain product quality:

  • We recommend constant cleaning of the product, removing the dust with a dry flannel or soft white cloth, because due to the accumulation of dust that appears in the product over time, it ends up causing the presence of rust;
  • Never use rough/abrasive objects to clean the product;
  • Do not clean with alcohol and chemical products that contain solvents, this will cause the product to suffer damage to its finish.




  • 3 months warranty for manufacturing defects.