Coffee Filter with Plastic Handle

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20.5cm x 11cm x 0.08cm
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Stolf coffee strainer. Nothing beats traditional coffee brewed in cloth strainers.

The cloth strainer provides better filtering in the coffee, as it manages to intensify the aroma and flavors of the coffee more.

Attention, before using the cloth filter for the first time, do the following:

  • Wash it well only with water, without detergents or any other type of product.
  • Leave for 5 minutes in a container with the coffee grounds to eliminate bacteria from the strainer.
  • After this process, use the strainer normally.
  • When finishing the filtering process, again only with water and let it dry in a dry and well-ventilated place, away from moisture, so that bacteria do not proliferate on the cloth or wooden handle.

Made of cotton, with plastic handle.

Product details



Reusable product


100% cotton cloth.
Plastic handle.

Follow the instructions before first use and to maintain product quality:


  • Before the first use, sanitize the piece with cold or lukewarm water and neutral soap with a soft sponge;
  • Do not use carbon steel sponge;
  • Do not use a dishwasher;
  • Do not soak;
  • Dry with a dry cloth;
  • Keep the product in the shade;
  • Wash after use with a soft sponge with mild soap or detergent and lukewarn or cold water;
  • Always store in a ventilated place;
  • Do not store parts stacked while damp.




  • 3 months warranty for manufacturing defects.