Stolf, family business and commitment to quality

Stolf, family business and commitment to quality

Success story

Created in 1987 by Sigmar, Docio and Ledio Stolf, Artefatos de Madeira Stolf was initially focused on the production of straw chairs. In the mid-1990s, drawing on the family's experience in wood extraction and processing, the company entered the kitchen utilities business.

Today Stolf is a company recognized nationally and internationally for the maturity of design, standardization and excellence in the development of its products.

To consecrate 33 years of tradition, quality and commitment to its customers, Stolf starts 2020 by launching its new brand. The product line is also full of news that bring even more practicality, beauty and comfort to your home!


Truth Responsibility

Aware of its role as a corporate citizen in the face of the urgency for sustainability, Stolf continues to invest in the replacement of seedlings of the main raw materials of its products. From this point of view, it carries out its activities seeking to generate the least impact on the environment, respecting the characteristics of the region and its relationship with the surrounding community.